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I am an Educational Psychologist (child psychologist) based primarily in the West Rand (Poortview).

I provide various therapies for, as well as assessment of, children from the age of four and older (including high school and university / college students). Therapies include play therapy, sand tray therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. I have a special interest in neuropsychology as well as the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Possible challenges addressed in therapy are anxiety, aggression, sibling rivalry, bipolar behaviour, depression, enuresis, encopresis, oppositional defiant behaviour, attachment difficulties, separation anxiety, divorce, trauma and bereavement.

Assessments include school readiness, neuropsychological, emotional and scholastic evaluations for all ages, as well as evaluation and diagnosis of learning problems and attention deficit. I also do medico-legal work, parental guidance as well as career guidance for high school and college/university students.

All therapies and assessments are done in the strictest confidence.

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Riza van der Merwe
Working with children and trying to contribute to their lives by not telling them what  to see, but where  to look, has certainly also enriched my life. I consider it my purpose and my privilege to be involved with children in this manner, and to contribute to the future of our society by empowering our youth.

B.A.Comm | B.A. Hons (Psych) | M.Ed. (Psych) WITS

Practice No: 0414697 | Reg. No: PS 0114286

About Riza

Before becoming a psychologist, I lived all over the world, including Europe, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and the United States.

My jobs included teaching kindergarten, primary school and high school, lecturing at National Taiwan University, writing curriculums for ages four to eleven, teaching yoga and writing children’s books (including a yoga book to help children with anxiety and several English reading books).

I have continuously been keeping up to date with new research to enrich my knowledge in this very broad field, including courses in Neuroanatomy through the University of Michigan (USA) and a three-part Neuroscience Course through Harvard University (USA).

I also offer workshops on a variety of themes.

Social Responsibility

At Mizu we take our social responsibility seriously and to that end have been cooperating with different companies, such as ATKV and various schools to help improve teachers and parent’s knowledge on various learning obstacles such as Dyslexia, Anger and anxiety and how to deal with these in a class situation. 


I provide various therapies for, as well as assessment of, children from the age of four and older (including high school and university / college students).  

Possible challenges addressed:

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