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I am an Educational Psychologist (child psychologist) based primarily in the West Rand (Ruimsig, Roodepoort).

I provide various therapies for, as well as assessment of, children from the age of four and older (including high school and university / college students).  Therapies include play therapy, sand tray therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy.  I have a special interest in neuropsychology as well as the Rorschach Inkblot Test.  Possible challenges addressed in therapy are anxiety, aggression, sibling rivalry, bipolar behaviour, depression, enuresis, encopresis, oppositional defiant behaviour, attachment difficulties, separation anxiety, divorce, trauma and bereavement.

Assessments include school readiness, neuropsychological, emotional and scholastic evaluations for all ages, as well as evaluation and diagnosis of learning problems and attention deficit.  I also do medico-legal work, parental guidance as well as career guidance for high school and college/university students.

All therapies and assessments are done in the strictest confidence.

(For a comprehensive list of services, please refer to ‘Services’.)

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